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Anishkaa Malpani is a young and driven individual with a unique knack of delivering speeches and bringing stories to life. Being on stage, meeting new people and learning new skills has always caught her interest. It is also her source of confidence and a medium for her to express herself. She has used this ability to carve a niche for herself in the public speaking domain.

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Anishkaa malpani focuses avidly on the courses mentioned below. Every student struggles with atleast one or the other skills mentioned below. She aims at making this process easier for students by helping them showcase their own originality in the below given topics.
So if you have interest in any of these headers, then this is the right platform for you!

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Statements from a past sessions these are important because they
lot of help me build credibility with future session.

Session on Public Speaking by Mrs. Anishka Malpani

Session on Public Speaking by Mrs. Anishka Malpani

Session on Public speaking by Mrs Anishka Malpani

Public speaking is an art for brave and courageous people- That was what I used to think about Public speaking. But that changed after Anishka ma’am’s session. she gave us so many tips pointed out some important but minute mistakes which we make while speaking infront of so many people. She certainly grabbed my attention with her energetic and sweet voice and kept me captivated throughout the session.

Darshan vaival

TTT-A, Dhruv Global school Student

Session on Public Speaking by Mrs. Aniska Malpani

Anishka Maam session on “Public Speaking was a really helpful session for the student like me, who had never been brave enough to speak in front of people. She grave us many tips about Public Speaking like Eye contact Hand gesture, Tone, and how to keep the audience focused on us. She also told us about the 3a’s Awarness, Authenticity and Audacity which are important to keep in mind while speaking. I am really grateful to Anishka mam for this session. I will definately follow her tips and prepare myself for Public Speaking.

Arushi Madon

VIII B, Dhruv Global School Student

Session on Public Speaking by Mrs. Anishka Malpani

The thought of coming in front and speaking even during a class me goosbumps. But after gives me attending Anishka maam’s session on Public speaking. I am going to try my hand at it. The made it look so easy and casual. Specially her interesting tips like practicing in front of a mirror or your family members, one can do it definitely. I am very thankful to Anishka maam for her fabulous session.

Arihant Mutha

VIII B th, Dhruv Global School Student

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